If you are not closing as much business as you think you should,
you may not be addressing your customers' real problems, or
not clearly communicating how you can.
I help Small Businesses and Startups Increase Sales
...by first understanding their customers' problems and only then presenting the right solutions

Your customers may not see your product or service the way you do. You may be in love with your ideas, and see the value from your own point of view. Customers may see it differently. They may be satisfied with their existing solutions.
You don't want to lose their attention presenting solutions to problems they are not concerned about!

In order to successfully sell your product or service, you must:

  • Listen to your customer and understand the problem from their perspective
  • Present a solution that focuses specifically on they want, not on everything you have to offer
  • Actually solve their problem by delivering the right product or service
I spent my career running my own small technical services business, but now I'm focused on consulting with, advising and mentoring other small businesses and startups.
Let me help you improve your sales process and meet your business goals!
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