Business Clients    
Technology and Marketing Innovations Consulting Firm
  • Advisor to the CEO on business culture and strategy
  • Consult on software application marketing and sales

Software developer
  • Chief advisor to founder on business strategy and team development
  • Consult on software product development with focus on customer experience

Funding, infrastructure and mentoring for pre-revenue technology startups
  • Oversee operations of co-working office for client companies
  • Manage various projects and resolve issues for management

Cloud based high-definition video conferencing
  • Manage customer experience surveys, implementing reporting and follow-up tracking system
  • Design and develop quote request system used by international partners

customer-Park Square
Regional production homebuilder
  • Technology advisor to the President and CFO
  • Contracted to manage 7 person IT department during 2 year period of high growth

Software developer
  • Define and Develop Sales Process for new product
  • Business Development advisor to the "Serve Anywhere" project

Photography hosting services
  • Advisor to the founders

Cloud based IVR & multi-channel communications provider
  • Create and Teach 3 Day Company Culture Class
  • Manage Customer Experience Surveys and provide analytical analysis and reporting
  • Manage Employee Engagement Surveys and provide analytical analysis and reporting

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